• 2021 Mitsubishi Triton

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  • Mar 2024
    Great car, enjoy the ride and is super helpful with towing and storage in the back.
    —Evans D - 2021 Mitsubishi Triton GLSB 2.4L 4WD
  • Jul 2023
    Had two previous tritons, both have been solid. Passed years of torture testing in the paddocks, dragging the horse float and ferrying kids around town by an operator with the mechanical sympathy of a brick. No reason to doubt that this one will be the same.
    —Jeremy V - 2021 Mitsubishi TRITON DC Glxr 6AT 2.4D/4WD
  • Jun 2023
    Very happy with the Triton, excellent weather proof lockable welldeck cover. Heated seats are a must have along with the leather seats. I have already travelled over 1000km and everything works as it should and drives like a car.
    —Allan G - 2021 Mitsubishi Triton VRX D/CAB 4WD
  • Apr 2023
    I had it for a couple of weeks fuel efficient, reliable and easy to drive, looks can be deceiving this truck can take you wherever you want, whenever you want without worrying about having trouble, it was in a immaculate condition when i got it.
    —Orlando O - 2021 Mitsubishi Triton DC GLXR 6AT 2.4D/4WD
  • Apr 2023
    Absolutely thrilled with the Triton we had been flooded out and the carrying capacity and ease of loading is just what we need
    —Grant W - 2021 Mitsubishi Triton DC GLSB 4WD 6AT 2.4D
  • Apr 2023
    It's perfect for our needs as a business. We need reliable, hardworking vehicles. We think the Triton will prove to be a winner all round and it looks mighty fine too.
    —Geotechnical Engineering Ltd - 2021 Mitsubishi Triton VRX 4x2
  • Feb 2023
    Excellent safety features Lots of space for all three kids Very easy to use smartphone connections
    —Warren Allen Lobo T/A River Range Eggs - 2021 Mitsubishi Triton GLX-R 2WD D/Cab
  • Nov 2022
    Awesome vehicle, just what we need for towing a caravan
    —Sophie W - 2021 Mitsubishi Triton DC GLX 6AT 2.4D
  • Oct 2022
    Best priced ute on the market.
    —TRAFFIC SAFE NEW ZEALAND LIMITED - 2021 Mitsubishi Triton GLXR 2.4D 4X2 D/C AUTO
  • Jun 2021
    Its very affordable to my budget and looks awesome other than utes company
  • May 2021
    I love my Mitsubishi Triton.
    —Artika N - 2021 Mitsubishi Triton GLXR 2WD UTE