• 2020 Holden Colorado

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  • Jan 2024
    Better performance then previous model, definitely noticed an improvement in style and comfort.
    —LAKE SELF-LOADING LIMITED - 2020 Holden Colorado HSV Sportscat
  • Nov 2023
    A very nice vehicle well groomed, plenty of room in the cab very nice to drive.
    —Mark N - 2020 Holden Colorado LTZ D/Cab 2WD
  • Oct 2023
    Nice and roomy, comfortable ride. Overall a nice looking vehicle.
    —Ken M - 2020 Holden Colorado Z71 DC PU
  • Aug 2023
    She's a beast that provides what ever you throw at her, and she can handle it. Don't hesitate in getting what you want, find it, try it....... BUY IT!! Satisfied customer
    —Sandra M - 2020 Holden Colorado LTZ DC PU 2.8D
  • May 2023
    We love the colorado we have 3 of them
    —KING GREEN FISHING LIMITED - 2020 Holden Colorado LSX DC PU 2.8D/4WD
  • Mar 2023
    We are a Holden Whanau.. We travel alot mostly to The Far North. So need Reliable Vehicle's. We have a few Holdens within our Whanau. 4x4. Towerbar. Space. Is exactly what we need when traveling. I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH MY NEW TRUCK.
    —Caroline R - 2020 Holden Colorado LTZ DC PU
  • Nov 2022
    Perfect for me and my family's activities.
    —Leonard R - 2020 Holden Colorado LTZ DC PU 2.8D/6AT
  • Oct 2022
    Beautiful vehicle
    —Joseph M - 2020 Holden Colorado Z71 2.8L 4WD
  • Aug 2022
    Love it so far. Great for country Roads😊
    —Christine D - 2020 Holden Colorado LTZ 4x4 Auto D/Cab
  • Jun 2022
    Not manufactured anymore but great vehicles... this will be my 4th
    —REAL DEAL TYRES 2006 LIMITED T/A Real Deal Tyres 2006 Limited - 2020 Holden Colorado LTZ DC PU 2.8D
  • May 2022
    I drove it back from Christchurch. Awesome to drive. Handled very well.
    —Jenni W - 2020 Holden Colorado HSV Sports Cat
  • May 2022
    Basically a tow vehicle
    —Mastercraft Bop Ltd - 2020 Holden Colorado
  • Apr 2022
    Tradie vehicle and family weekend vehicle for one of our staff members. He loves it so far.
    —MARTIN BLACK CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED T/A Martin Black Concrete Construction - 2020 Holden Colorado LT 4X4 D/C 2.8D MANUAL
  • May 2021
    She's a BIG truck - but drives like a car.
    —Ronald C - 2020 Holden COLORADO LT DC PU 2.8D