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  • Feb 2024
    We are so pleased with the VW. It performs extremely well and is a pleasure and fun to drive.
    —bronwyn K - 2017 VW Golf GTi Mk 7.5 Performance
  • Jan 2024
    Couldn't be happier with our Golf. A very tidy car with low milage. Great value for money, fuel economy and comfort.
    —Wilfred B - 2017 Volkswagen Golf 1.4TSI Highline Wagon
  • Oct 2023
    Great cars, great daily cars with the power when you need it. The performance pack had all the added benefits I was after.
    —Kyu L - 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance Edition
  • Oct 2023
    I've owner a number of VW Golfs (TSI, GTI and R) they are a very reliable car. So far the R wagon has been as expected, reliable and with a bit more power when you need it.
    —DONALD J - 2017 Volkswagen Golf R 4WD Performance wagon
  • Aug 2023
    Fun to drive. Good vision all around. Lots of auto features that you can turn on or off as suits you. Nice and solid, quality feel about the car. This model has the updated look dash compared to the models a year or two earlier, so should stay current for a longer period. Very different from my other vehicles so still learning about different features.
    —Lisa H - 2017 Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI Highline
  • Aug 2023
    The 2017 Golf Alltrack has been at the top of my list of next cars for years. I saw/heard a ton of good comments from car reviewers all over the world. And after owning one for over a week now. It I still get surprised at how well this car is put together. For the utilitarian, you get space, safety, and a little offroad capability. It will haul a family fairly easily so it has you covered. For the enthusiast, if haven't looked into the engine in this car yet, you should start Youtubing now. When you get to see videos mentioning "Stage 1" tuning, you'll know what I mean ;) This car will surely satisfy a wide range of car buyers. It's definitely a nicely packaged vehicle. A definite win for Volkswagen.
    —Kristher C - 2017 Volkswagen GOLF ALLTRACK TSI 4Motion Upgrade PKG
  • Jul 2023
    A great economical hatchback with a zippy drive and very safety features
    —Janice A - 2017 Volkswagen GOLF 1.4TSI Highline Facelift 'Digital Dash'
  • Jun 2023
    Great car, economical, awesome features, and a pleasure to drive.
    —Joanna L - 2017 Volkswagen Golf 1.4lt TSi Highline 'Facelift'
  • May 2023
    We love this vehicle and can't say any thing bad about it.I will recommend this vehicle for anyone that's in the market for a hatchback.
    —Wiets B - 2017 Volkswagen Golf 7.5 TSi Highline DSG
  • May 2023
    This is my third VW, and second golf wagon. Enough said ?
    —James M - 2017 Volkswagen Golf Variant TSI Highline
  • Apr 2023
    Love it!
    —Mint Holdings Limited - 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTi Performance Edition 180kW
  • Mar 2023
    Great car and a big step forward in technology from the mk5.
    —James C - 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk 7.5 Edition
  • Mar 2023
    Love my new car
    —Mariska H - 2017 Volkswagen Golf Mk7.5 Highline Edition
  • Nov 2022
    Brilliant all round vehicle, always been a big vw fan!
    —Duncan B - 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0TSI DCC Hatch
  • Nov 2022
    Get one
    —Tracy A - 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI
  • Nov 2022
    The car is awesome and in excellent condition.
    —Jamahl W - 2017 Volkswagen Golf R Mk 7.5
  • Sep 2022
    Great car
    —Gavin G - 2017 Volkswagen GOLF 1.4TSI Highline
  • Sep 2022
    Great car, really comfortable. Lots of space for 3 dogs and fuel economic
    —Steven G - 2017 Volkswagen Golf TSI HIGHLINE 1.4P/7A
  • Aug 2022
    Always had VW’s the build quality and tech on them are great
    —Daniel R - 2017 Volkswagen Golf TSI
  • Jun 2022
    The Golf R MK7 is a fantastic car. Most enjoyable and comfortable car I've ever owned. Better than my Lexus IS-F by a wide margin. It has power when it's needed but is just as happy to cruise along on the motorway
    —Brad M - 2017 Volkswagen Golf R
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