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  • Jan 2024
    Great car, sturdy, reliable and runs well
    —Raade B - 2017 Toyota Hilux SR5 2.8L Turbo Diesel
  • Dec 2023
    Comfortable Reliable Affordable
    —Theresa J - 2017 Toyota Hilux SR TD DC 2.8D/6AT/UT
  • Nov 2023
    Good truck for them coast roads.
    —Alexander C - 2017 Toyota Hilux SR TD DC 2.8D/4WD/6A
  • Oct 2023
    Very nice vehicle, a bit thirsty but most trucks of that size are. No complaints here
    —Bruce M - 2017 Toyota Hilux 2.8TD D/cab 2WD NZ new
  • Oct 2023
    2017 toyota hilux 4x4 are a great all round vehicle for country off road and all day driving
    —Goff L - 2017 Toyota Hilux SR5 TD DC 4WD 1NzOwner NzNew
  • Oct 2023
    Good family car, heaps of space and heaps of power. Also economy mode works really well to make it a daily car
    —Ualolo M - 2017 Toyota Hilux SR TD DC NzNew 1NzOwner
  • Sep 2023
    Pros about having a hilux or any Ute is being able to utilise it for camping trips, long distance travels and handy for moving furniture or anything big. Awesome investment. Don’t regret purchasing a truck at all. We look forward to going for hunting & fishing trips (main purpose for buying our ute) and to go outdoor camping for Christmas & New Years this year.
    —Trinity D - 2017 Toyota Hilux SR5 4x4 Auto
  • Sep 2023
    Love my new Hilux. Very reliable vehicle, perfect for me and my family, ticks all the boxes 😁
    —Sharon D - 2017 Toyota Hilux SR TD DC 2.8D/4WD/6A
  • Aug 2023
    Seems to be going very well. No problems
  • Jul 2023
    No complaints she's a beautiful truck to drive very smooth has great power and tows amazing
    —Mereana M - 2017 Toyota Hilux SR TD DC
  • Jun 2023
    Trustworthy Ute, beautifully presented with loads of features, smooth driving and looks great!!
    —Denise L - 2017 Toyota Hilux SR5 Limited 2.8L
  • Jun 2023
    Cant go wrong with a Toyota Hilux, its a reliable truck. The maintenance is fairly easy with this type of hilux. Ive had experiences with other utes and trucks and the hilux was always on top. It has a good rep all round.
    —Maia P - 2017 Toyota Hilux SR TD DC
  • May 2023
    Nice ute to drive highly recommended
    —Karl N - 2017 Toyota Hilux SR TD DC
  • Apr 2023
    All Hilux's are good.
    —K. R. Joyes Limited - 2017 Toyota Hilux S TD EC
  • Apr 2023
    It drives like a dream , plenty of power and looks amazing.
    —Branch Manager Tree Services Boplimited - 2017 Toyota Hilux
  • Apr 2023
    This is a perfect vehicle for any occasion in all honestly.
    —James P - 2017 Toyota Hilux S TD DC
  • Feb 2023
    The Hilux I purchased is great! plenty of power and very responsive. All round a very tidy and practical vehicle.
    —G L - 2017 Toyota Hilux SR TD DC
  • Jan 2023
    Power mode is great when towing or approaching hills, the vehicle on power mode towed our 6m boat from Christchurch-Kaikoura return with ease. Also we have added a rooftop tent side shade, we had the canopy full with camping gear for a family of 5 and also 3 bike on the back. Fuel economy was 9.8-9.9 per 100km (No Boat on).
    —Wade C - 2017 Toyota Hilux SR TD DC 2.8D/4WD/6A
  • Nov 2022
    Always loved the hilux name and I wasn’t disappointed with this vehicle one bit
    —Michael A - 2017 Toyota Hilux SR5 LIMITED 4X2 DC 2.8D AUTO
  • Nov 2022
    Best Ute out of them all
    —Te H - 2017 Toyota Hilux SR5 TD DC 2.8D/6AT/U
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