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  • May 2024
    Drives really well and very comfortable.
    —Craig D - 2017 Holden Captiva 7 LS
  • Apr 2024
    Spacious, comfortable.
    —Katrina H - 2017 Holden Captiva 7 LS Equipe
  • Mar 2024
    Love the space of the Captiva, definitely recommend for a family SUV, had awesome features.
    —Xavier P - 2017 Holden Captiva LTZ 4WD 7 SEATER
  • Mar 2024
    We love it! Drives so well and has so much from for the kids! So easy to keep clean also with kids messes due to the leather seats and heavy duty mats. Such a great car! We love it
    —Hayden D - 2017 Holden Captiva 7 LTZ
  • Mar 2024
    Love it, economic, spacious, really well presented vehicle.
    —Davina P - 2017 Holden Captiva LS Equipe 2.4L
  • Feb 2024
    Such a great vehicle. I was looking for a spacious 7 seater at a reasonable price and this is it. We are a family of 7 and it comfortably fits 2 adults, 1 teenager, 2 pre teens, and 2 x car seats. The kids are so happy! The third row kids also love the dual aircon. Seems quite economical as a full tank lasted us 3 weeks with everyday use and an out of town trip. Had some power going up the Kaimais too. Very happy with our purchase :)
    —Lagi C - 2017 Holden Captiva 7 LTZ
  • Jan 2024
    Anyone looking for something that is nice and quiet also drives really smoothly and spacious not only for the family but also pets I would highly recommend
    —Sione H - 2017 Holden Captiva LT 3.0L 4WD
  • Dec 2023
    It's a good spacious vehicle. Good space in last row as well. Powerful engine reasonable on fuel as well. Good family car.
    —Ashok K - 2017 Holden Captiva 7 LTZ
  • Oct 2023
    Its stunning . Has power , space and everything i was looking for and more . Not sure about fuel but thats okay
    —D'arcy T - 2017 Holden Captiva 7 LTZ
  • Oct 2023
    Very good family car
    —Ioane T - 2017 Holden Captiva LT 4WD
  • Aug 2023
    It’s a perfect next step for us going from 5 to 7 seats. Love the leather seats - especially with kids. The upgrade in technology was bonus too!
    —Sarah R - 2017 Holden Captiva LTZ 2.2D/4WD/6AT
  • Jul 2023
    Great car so far no problems. Has isofix for child car seats. Unable to use rear seats for car seats (only middle). Lots of room in rear seats for teenagers.
    —Kashmir M - 2017 Holden Captiva 7 LTZ
  • Jul 2023
    Great family wagon.
    —Shaun L - 2017 Holden Captiva LTZ 2.2TD 4WD
  • Jun 2023
    Really reliable comfortable to drive
    —Jimmy M - 2017 Holden Captiva LTZ AWD
  • Jun 2023
    It is fabulous, was looking at a ute but decided on the Captiva for the 7 seats and dry space.
    —Nikita C - 2017 Holden Captiva LS Equipe 2.4L
  • May 2023
    Very spacious and comfortable.
    —Malia G - 2017 Holden Captiva LS EQUIPE 2.4P/6AT
  • May 2023
    Great solid car very reliable
    —Richard W - 2017 Holden Captiva LTZ 2.2D/4WD/6AT/SW
  • Apr 2023
    It is really nice car it is more spacious
    —Arman M - 2017 Holden Captiva 7 LTZ
  • Feb 2023
    Great car, tows the caravan really well.
    —David R - 2017 Holden Captiva 7 LS Equipe
  • Feb 2023
    enjoy driving my holden good size vehicle for the family too
    —Nafetalai A - 2017 Holden Captiva LS EQUIPE 2.4L *NZ NEW*
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