• 2010 Lexus IS350

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  • Mar 2021
    I would highly recommend this car to anyone who is after a Mercedes C Class or BMW 3 Series as an alternative, this car is very well equipped has a very precise feel in the steering, you can feel a lot of feedback while driving. The IS350 is the one to go for if you cannot afford or get an ISF. I was amazed by the torque and power delivery this car has very unassuming but makes for a fun and enjoyable driving experience that definitely has a smile factor even when looking at the car, classy elegant yet sporty styling. Very happy with my purchase have not regretted!
    —RYAN S - 2010 Lexus IS 350 TOP SPEC
  • Mar 2021
    —Crawford Nelson Limited - 2010 Lexus IS 350 Version L / Sunroof / Leather Seats / Facelift
  • Aug 2019
    Great looking car
    —Gareth E - 2010 Lexus IS350