May 2022

I Want to Buy a 4x4 Ute - What Should I Look for?

4x4 Utes are an essential part of kiwi life, utilized by people from all walks of life - from farmers to tradies to business owners and even families, there is a ute for you. But what ute is best for your needs?

What 4x4 is right for me?

It's a common question when people come to Trust Motors and it can often be a hard question to answer. When it comes to buying a 4x4 ute from Trust Motors, you need to break down what you'd like to primarily use it for.

For example, perhaps you need a ute so you can tow the boat in the weekend but commute to work in the city during the week. You'd want to prioritise comfort over other capabilities like increase ground clearance and mud tyres.

If you're a tradie, you'd probably be after something more versatile and simple that will carry your tools, your work gear and perhaps the family once you're home - so you'd prioritise versatility over comfort.

What 4x4 is reliable?

All of the 4x4 utes for sale at Trust Motors come with a full comprehensive service and 60 point mechanical check so you can rest assured and know that you'll be looked after when you buy a 4x4 ute from Trust Motors.

What else do I get when I buy a 4x4 from Trust Motors?

Also included with all of our utes for sale is a brand new warrant of fitness (WOF), complimentary groom and up-to-date road user charges if you're buying a diesel 4x4.

On top of that, we offer an optional mechanical warranty so you never have to worry about things going wrong when you buy a new ute.

Buying a 4x4 with Trust Motors

What is it like to buy a 4x4 ute with Trust Motors?

It's awesome! Simply browse our 4x4 utes for sale and come check out our awesome showroom at 10 Norman Spencer Drive, Manukau. Our utes are all housed in an indoor showroom to protect them (and you) from the elements of Auckland.

How do I get finance for a 4x4?

We make it easy to apply for 4x4 finance. Simply find the 4x4 you're after and fill an application out on the listing. Alternatively, you can apply for finance here.

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